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Several years ago, on the back of a napkin, we developed the concept for empowerDX. Our vision was to bring laboratory testing that is often difficult to find into the hands and homes of consumers. Thankfully, our partner laboratories had the same vision. Our partners have a wealth of experience in the clinical diagnostics laboratory space, specialising in testing across a variety of domains: sexual health, food allergies, thyroid, cardiovascular,  and metabolic disorders, viral, bacterial and yeast infections, rare genetic diseases, antibiotic resistance and pre-natal screening, and utilising genomic variation interpretation and DNA sequencing.

People encounter health issues and want to dig deeper to understand the root cause, often asking, "is there something more I can do to improve my quality of life? Do I have to suffer with these symptoms?" We set out to help answer these questions and focused on bringing innovative diversified tests to the market.

We offer many tests to help you become an active participant in your own health journey. Our goal with these tests is to enlighten you through this experience and to provide a bridge for your next step. We are humbled and proud to see the fruits of our labour help so many people.

We are empowerDX. We are here to help you.

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empowerDX laboratory network

empowerDX Ireland is part of the empowerDX network of laboratories, a global at-home testing network helping people to take control of their health journey wherever they are. If work or travel takes you to different parts of the world, take the empowerDX experience with you. Choose from any of the webshops in our growing network below and continue your journey with empowerDX.