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empower Allergy

At-Home Test Kit for over 300 allergies

A comprehensive view of your allergy status with a simple finger prick from the comfort of your home!

empower Allergy is a next-generation test to diagnose over 300 allergies, ranging from pollen, pets, food & more. Unlike, traditional single allergen tests, which can be laborious and often require several tests to create a clear picture, empower Allergy is based on an exclusive technology that allows a widespread look at your allergy profile.  

empower Allergy provides information on:

  • Allergy risks so as to avoid severe allergic reactions to foods
  • The presence of an allergen that may not have been suspected
  • Potential indication of a specific immunotherapy
  • Visibility of insignificant cross-reactivities

Benefits of empower Allergy:

  • Covers nearly 100% of all globally relevant allergens in one test
  • Comprehensive picture of your sensitisation status
  • No time wasted by searching allergen databases
  • Individualised therapy options


Over 300 allergens tested

Collection Method:

Easy finger prick (Mitra Cartridge)


Not required



Within 14 days of the laboratory receiving your sample

Test Guide:

Included to learn more about your results

For Ages:

18 and over

Cost includes:

Sampling kit & Shipping

Take this test if you...

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Suspicion of allergy(s) or sensitization via mild, medium or strong symptoms
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Family history of allergies
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This kit is designed for over 18yr old, human use ONLY. We are not responsible for any consequences resultant of usage to test minors.
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This kit is meant to be used ONLY by the person whose details are provided when setting up your online account. empowerDX is not responsible for any consequences resultant of using a test on someone else.

Intuitive & Reliable Reporting

Reviewed by a qualified doctor
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Clarity Without The Cost

If you have a busy lifestyle or feel more comfortable testing at home, we are here to help. Wellness is at the core of what we do, and we are here to support you through your health journey. Whether you have been suffering from a long-term illness, or experience anxiety over symptoms that have only started recently, we have an at-home test kit that will meet your needs.

Our easy and intuitive reporting system uses a traffic light system to gauge the levels of what is being tested for.  This can indicate if your current diet and lifestyle is working with or against you. From there, we provide simple guidelines on how to improve your health going forward.
The core of empowerDX Ireland's mission is to provide you with the best service possible. With our at-home kits, you will be able to save time and money instead of going straight to your GP.

In all cases, if you want to get a second opinion or need further treatment, we recommend bringing your reported results straight to your GP. By presenting test results at your first GP consultation, you will have saved time and money in your efforts to get the help or advice you need.

How it works

Our 3 step process provides affordable, convenient, and accurate testing in the comfort of your home

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Order online

Get health tests delivered to your doorstep with just a few clicks.

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Collect at home

Complete your test right from your comfy couch, and mail it to our lab with a prepaid shipping label (Monday-Friday).

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Get secure results

Receive your test results in a few days & get the clarity you deserve, confidentially.


What are the most common allergens?
What are the most common symptoms of an allergic reaction?
Could an allergy reaction cause death?
Are allergies treatable in general?
Are allergies curable in general?
How can I deal with allergy symptoms?
How long does my sample last after collection?
How long does sample collection take?
When will I receive my result?
Important information about my lab results
Shipping info
When will my kit be delivered?
What should I do if I can't draw enough blood?
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empowerDX Ireland Ltd. is proud to introduce our laboratory partner, Eurofins Biomnis. Eurofins Biomnis has a long and reputable history in the area of medical testing in Ireland and are responsible for all empowerDX Ireland testing. This provides the most reliable and highest quality results to you the customer.